I’ve Arrived for My Photoshoot

Wild Turkey by the door

Three times in the last month, a creature has appeared in our yard as if arriving for a scheduled photoshoot.

The first was a pileated woodpecker. I heard it calling and went to look to see if I could see it from the house. He (the red stripe on the cheek identifies this one as a male) had landed on a pine tree right near our bird feeders. At first I thought he might want to land on the suet, which is too small for such a large woodpecker! Instead, he flew down and began hammering at some rotten wood on the ground, and stayed there in plain view for several minutes.

Next was a mourning cloak, one of the earliest butterflies to appear in the spring. It showed up on Good Friday. I saw it land briefly, but not long enough for a picture, and then it flew away. But it soon returned and settled on a perfect backdrop, a cherry tree in full bloom. It went round and round the tree, sampling nectar from a sea of white blossoms.

And third was a wild turkey. I can’t remember if we’ve ever had a turkey come to our feeders before, but here was a lone turkey pecking at seeds under the feeder, on a FeederWatch day no less! After I got my camera, instead of being spooked, he boldly came right up on the front steps and looked in the window.

Wild Turkey headshot
Wild Turkey headshot

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