Observations from the web of nature

Black-billed Cuckoo, Cold River Camp

New Birds in Camp

Some new or rarely seen birds appeared in Cold River Camp during our White Mountain hiking vacation: cuckoos, peregrine falcon, and indigo bunting.

Muskrat generating waves, Boxborough, MA

Muskrat Making Waves

A swimming muskrat makes waves that distort the reflective surface of the water in a fascinating pattern.

Deer in Winter

Deer by Day

This past week we have seen deer in our yard several times in daylight or at twilight.

Reflection, Grassy Pond Brook, Acton, MA

Foliage and Fungi

The foliage has been late this year because of the warm weather; fungi have been plentiful because of all the moisture.

Spiderweb, Cold River Camp

Spiderwebs and Butterflies

A trip to the White Mountains and New Hampshire seacoast with many butterflies, moths, and spiderwebs


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